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Fall Decor – Hand Lettered Pumpkins

I will be the first to admit that I am a basic girl in the fall. Since fall is a relative term here in Florida, I often opt for the colder pumpkin beverages instead of the standard hot PSL. Pumpkin, in many respects, has become its own season. My friends and I will spend hours talking about the latest pumpkin treats we’ve had and how we are arranging pumpkins in our homes. Can you relate?

The perfect duo

Last year, I decided to bring my love for pumpkins and lettering together. Who doesn’t love displaying hand-lettered pieces in their home? These pieces instantly bring warmth and create a welcoming, hospitable environment.

Real or Faux?

While lettering on real pumpkins is an option, it is not the option I recommend. Ceramic pumpkins are so much smoother and a lot easier to write on. Also, you’re making something beautiful, and it deserves to be seen every year going forward.


White Craft Pumpkin

Oil Based Sharpie

Painter’s Tape

Stabilo ALL Graphite Pencil


Disclaimer, you do not need to be neat when you do this. It’s ok if eraser droppings get all over the floor along with some pieces of painters tape. You can clean up later. As you can see in these photos, I made a mess. Thanks, Rebecca, for understanding. 🙂

Step by step

  1. To keep your lettering even, delicately place a piece of painter’s tape horizontally on the top of the pumpkin and the bottom.
  2. Sketch out your design using the Stabilo ALL pencil. (This pencil erases easily, so no need to stress)
  3. Make changes to your design as needed
  4. Trace over the pencil lines with a black oil-based sharpie
  5. Remove the painter’s tape
  6. Erase the sketch
  7. Snap pics
  8. Post on Instagram and tag @fullheartco
  9. Display your new custom pumpkin in your home

Make it a party

Making hand-lettered pumpkins is a super fun excuse to get the girlfriends together! Tell your girls what supplies to bring and have each one bring a fall treat to share. (With COVID, things are a bit different than usual. You can host your girls outside, socially distanced, and have everyone bring a fall treat for themselves.)

You will have a blast making memories with the girls and creating something custom for your home.

xo, Lindsay

Photo Credit: Rebecca Vann

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Fall Decor - Hand Lettered Pumpkins

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