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southern hospitality with Lilly Pulitzer


Hey, y’all! Welcome to the NEW Full Heart Co!

Your premier source for custom lettered party supplies and hosting tips.

I’m Lindsay, a first-generation southern woman who loves Jesus and her friends. I’m so glad you are here!

champagne and charcuterie boards

Why relaunch? Why hosting?

Why now?

This year I turned the big 30! Instead of crying over ice cream, I decided to let my friends host a small outdoor gathering for me. I usually am much more comfortable being the hostess but, this was everything I never knew I needed. I had the most fun watching my friends step into the role of hosting! Stepping aside and letting them find the joy that I have felt for so many years was incredible.

At the end of the evening, every single one of my friends gave a toast to me. Nobody has ever done anything so sweet. One by one, they shared how much they appreciated my hosting skills and party planning.

southern hospitality with Lilly Pulitzer

It wasn’t until later that week when I was blow-drying my hair that the Lord quietly told me there was something to this. (Yes, the Lord often talks to me while I’m blow-drying my hair. I’m sure I will tell you more about that later, haha.) I felt encouraged to take this gift and grow it into a business of helping others.

southern hosting and party planning tips
making a cheese board
host a donut going away party

The first time I launched Full Heart Co, I waited two whole years before I obeyed the Lord. That was not going to happen this time.

I hit the ground running and reached out to my incredible photographer friend, Rebecca Vann. In a super quick e-mail, I laid out my ideas and asked if she would photograph my rebrand. She flipped. I mean, lost her mind.

Then, one by one, I started organically sharing my vision with close friends and family. Each one of them beamed with excitement and encouraged me to go for it.

So, here I am, turning my excessive love for lettering and hosting into a lifestyle and hospitality business just for you!

hosting doesn't have to be hard
custom lettered party supplies and hosting tipa

What does this mean? Drum roll please.

It’s a blog and a shop!

The Full Heart Co blog will have 4 main categories:
—> Hosting Tips/Party Planning 
—> Lettering: teaching you how to letter so you can take your gatherings to the next level
—> Lifestyle & Self Care: travel, book suggestions, etc.
—> Style: Colorful, Classic Pieces

The Full Heart Co Shop:
Classy, Custom, Chic
—> Lettered Party Supplies: Custom options available!
—> Custom lettering for events, businesses 

Custom Lettered Monogram for party supplies

How exciting is all of this?!? I’m just slightly freaking out.

Most importantly, you’re going to see this verse a lot around here. It’s what all of this is all about.

“Each of you should use whatever gifts you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” – 1 Peter 4:10

I am so glad that you are here and can’t wait to walk this journey alongside you! Now, let’s pop the bubbly!



Photo Credit: Rebecca Vann

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Hey, y'all! Welcome to the NEW Full Heart Co!


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