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Galentine's Party

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Galentine’s Gathering at Home

A Galentine’s Gathering is such a fun way to celebrate some of life’s sweetest blessings, your gals!

I’m sharing a few yummy recipes and tips for a memorable Galentine’s Gathering at home.

Tip # 1: Make your evening a little more chic by asking your gals to get fancy! How many of us have that special dress that just doesn’t get enough love – Galentine’s is her night to shine! They’ll also love having a fun reason to slide out of the slippers and into the heels.

Tip # 2: Order mingling trays

What are mingling trays? These gems are a snack tray and stemware holder all in one! They make socializing and mingling so much easier. Say good-bye to awkward spills and misplaced drinks.

Tip # 3: Order Tossware Stemmed Champagne Flutes

Your drink will look fabulous without the fear of breaking your glass!

Tip # 4: Pull out your apothecary jars

Everything looks prettier in an apothecary jar. Get creative with all the colorful sweets!

Now for the yummy part!

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Since I love tackling trendy and fun new things in the kitchen, I decided to make some hot cocoa bombs for my gals.

I searched Youtube, TikTok, and Pinterest to find all the information I could.

The most important thing I learned … you must temper the chocolate! If you successfully temper the chocolate, you are guaranteed hot cocoa bomb success.

I followed Handle The Heat’s step by step instructions and the chocolate turned out perfectly! I also purchased a thermometer spatula to ensure that I never heated the chocolate above 120 degrees. The spatula I used is linked below.

I used this blog post as a guide when assembling the hot cocoa bombs. This part was so much fun but did take a little bit of time.

Tip #1: You can ONLY use chocolate that contains cocoa butter and at least 65% cocoa.

Tip #2: Serve your bombs in glass mugs for maximum prettiness.

Tip #3: Use the extra chocolate and assemble a beautiful tray of chocolate-covered strawberries.

chocolate covered strawberries

Prosecco Infused Grapes

Take your grapes up a notch by infusing them with Prosecco and then covering them in sugar. Serve the grapes in a beautiful apothecary jar for the extra wow factor. The grapes were a huge hit and point of conversation with my gals.

Galentine's Party, Apothecary Jars, Prosecco Grapes

Puppy Chow – Galentine’s Edition

This recipe is a feminine twist on a classic party staple and one that I will come back to over and over.

Galentine’s Day Cocktail

What says Galentine’s more than a pink drink with a hint of elderflower liqueur? This Love Potion Cocktail is refreshing, feminine, and citrusy.

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative:

Mix Fever-Tree sparkling pink grapefruit soda with a hint of lime juice and serve over ice.

I cannot wait to see how you implement these tips along with your own creative ideas to celebrate your gals! Be sure to post pictures of your festive gathering to Instagram and tag @fullheartco.



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